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What is "Sweep Host"

Sweep Host is a website that allows you to setup a Minecraft server that can be run 24/7 without the need to go and buy a bunch of expensive hardware to run your own at home.

We have a wide variety of packages to choose from. So even if you're on a budget you can still get one!

Below you can find a list of all our staff members and their ranks, also the servers and their specs.

Our Crew

Name Rank
Eyovin [CEO]Chief Executive Officer & [CFO]Chief Financial Officer
Channel [COO]Chief Operating Officer
ReaperKrisztina [ADM]Administrator

Our Servers

RIC [Freemium]

This is the `master` server, this server shares player servers with the added task of running the website.
Server specs below:

CPU RAM Storage
2x Intel® Xeon® CPU E5506 @ 2.1GHz (8 Total Cores/16 Hyper-threaded) 16GB DDR3 ECC 1x 120GB SSD; (No-RAiD)

ESME [Premium]

This is one of the `slave` servers, this server is classed as premium and users who pay more will have their servers run off this machine.
Server specs below:

CPU RAM Storage
4x Dual-Core AMD Opteron™ 8220SE @ 2.8GHz (8 Total Cores/16 Hyper-threaded) 32GB DDR2 ECC 4x 300GB; (RAiD 5)